Scary Carrie

In Stephen King’s Carrie, the major driving conflict in the story is between the story’s main character Carrie White and her classmates. Carrie’s classmates have continuously and without remorse badgered her for her appearance, actions, and intellect. Carrie has been belittled for her naive disposition since Kindergarten. Carrie’s isolation from her classmates is what I think is going to be the main driving force for the plot of the story. I think the only way this conflict will be resolved is if Carrie matures to the same level as her peers. The purity of Carrie’s life in comparison to the other teenagers is creating this divide between the two and if Carrie’s maturity level increased, this divide would dissipate. 

        Although the major conflict of the story is between Carrie and her classmates, the originating cause of this clash is actually a result of the conflict between the White family’s values and the rest of society. Carrie’s family, but in particular her mother, diverge with the customary social norms. Many people consider the White family to be devout Catholics with psychotic tendencies. Therefore, this predisposition to judge Carrie stems from the fear of her mother’s peculiar actions. As observers in the story describe it, Carrie’s mother will probably never change her ways. Therefore, the only way to resolve this conflict would be for Carrie to gain her independence and mature without influence of her mother’s ideas. 

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  1. That’s quite an exquisite plot! It takes the influence your parents have on you to a whole another level! I can’t foster the idea of how a parental can really hurt someone. However, I have to respectfully disagree with the fact that you believe that Carrie’s maturity can dissipate the problems she has. I believe what really need to change is Carrie herself. She has to replace the ideaology that other have of her. I think Carrie has to show others who she really is, and that she can’t be defined by her mother. She has to show her classmates her individuality, however it may differ from her mother’s.
    Regardless, this book definetly has caught my attention with the uniqueness of the conflict. And I’ll be sure to give it a read! 🙂

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